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Play therapy for persons with intellectual disabilities focuses on changing behaviors and beliefs through group process.  The dynamics of using motivational games in play therapy helps to create a therapeutic relationship, which fosters and promotes positive change.

Directive Group Play Therapy For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities

Far too often behavioral principles—sound enough in themselves—are applied without taking individual needs into account.  Such programs either fail to change the behavior, or they draw staff and client into deeper conflict.  Taylor-Starkewood incorporates person-centered, cognitive-behavioral methods to teach social and cognitive skills to persons with mild developmental disorders. Format includes both individual and group therapy.

Cognitive Counseling For Persons With Special Needs

Taylor-Starkewood is a provider under Virginia MEDICAID MR Waiver, to develop and monitor Positive Behavior Support Plans for individuals with intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other developmental disorders, and under the MEDICAID CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM to provide therapeutic consultation.

Functional Behavioral Assessments & Positive Behavior Support Plans

Our mentors are supervised  by a licensed professional, and each child that is mentored has a strategic support plan.  The three key goals of this plan are: 1) achievement, which includes the encouragement and facilitation of academics,  a career, or vocation 2) Nurturance:  caring and support while imparting elements of positive character development, and 3) Generativity, which reflects the instillation of intergenerational responsibility and knowledge of one’s values and culture to future generations.


Taylor-Starkewood offers transitional services for children and adolescents returning home from residential placements. These services may include mental health assessments, positive behavior support plans, and family counseling.

Therapeutic Consultation

Because problems do not happen all the time, we have many successes that we are not often aware of. Taylor-Starkewood focuses on bringing these successes to awareness, and helping people to repeat the successful things they do when the problem is not there or less severe. Recognizing and repeating successes in life builds confidence and self-esteem,  which aids in creating new solutions when problems do arise.

Individual & Family Therapy

Family Services

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