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Working in a standard of excellence is to consistently surpass what is common, usual or expected. Excellence is a standard in which we should work in on a daily basis. 


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Terrell Threatt
​Administrative Assistant 

It takes a team of dedicated staff to make sure Taylor's Enhanced Living is reaching out to as many communities as it can so individuals everywhere have access to our services. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.
Service is the occupation of serving our clients. It is not just our "job" to service our individuals, it is our responsibility. 

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Mashelle Mcelrath
Human Resource Manager

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Helping individuals realize their hopes, dreams and reach their full potential is why we're here


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Taylor’s Enhanced Living, Inc. is a community-based residential program committed to providing care, treatment, and programming to individuals 18 years of age or older who have a diagnosis of intellectual disability, and may or may not have a secondary diagnosis.It is our philosophy that individuals with intellectual disability are no different than people without intellectual disability in that they have the same needs, desires, and dreams.The program at Taylor’s Enhanced Living, Inc. is based on our core values and beliefs that each individual deserves to be loved, treated with respect & dignity, be self motivated, and be recognized as a valued member of society.

Supervised services are provided 24 hours a day by professional staff who have expertise in working with individuals with mild to moderate intellectual disability. Staff are trained on techniques to address oppositional and defiant behaviors, as well as techniques to use to meet the individual’s emotional needs. A behavior specialist trained in Positive Behavior Support facilitation is on staff.

Taylor’s Enhanced Living, Inc. provides a structured program of care tailored to meet individuals’ physical and emotional needs by providing protection, guidance and supervision that meet the objectives of any required service plan.Helping individuals realize their hopes and dreams and reach their full potential is why Taylor’s Enhanced Living, Inc. exist. Our goal is to provide support that will enable individuals to acquire, improve, and maintain the physical, emotional, and mental health and functional skills necessary for them to live in a community setting.

Program functions include behavior modification, recreation and other activities designed to enhance each individual’s psychological well being, such as teaching communication skills, anger management, and conflict resolution. Additionally training is provided in daily living skills such as self-care, food preparation, housekeeping, money management, as well as identifying and utilizing community resources.

Donte' Threatt
Program Director (Residential) 

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We operate by our 3 Core Values.

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Denise Taylor
​Chief Executive Director

Respect is a quality that must be carefully nurtured in relation to oneself and to others. Every individual has the capacity to treat oneself and all those in his/her environment with kindness and dignity. Respect should be a part of everything that we do on a daily basis.


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Raven Daniels
Program Director
(Day Support)

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